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More Seals On Beach


There has noticeably more seals seen on Wells beach this winter, both common and grey seals. Here are a few pictures taken at the end of December.

grey seals_Wells-next-the-sea

grey seals_wells-beach

The grey seal is a large seal, with the bulls reaching 2.5–3.3 m (8.2–11 ft) long and weighing 170–310 kg (370–680 lb); the cows are much smaller, typically 1.6–2.0 m (5.2–6.6 ft) long and 100–190 kg (220–420 lb) in weight. Read more here.

Photos by Don Wilks

Seals On Wells Beach

Both grey seals and common seals were seen on Wells beach during December.
Picture by Don Wilks

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